About us

The CCACoP is facilitated and maintained by the Climate Risk Institute (CRI). The Climate Risk Institute is a not-for-profit, academic-based entity that provides climate change impacts and adaptation decision and planning support. Our mission is to provide domestic and international stakeholders, decision-makers and governments with the climate services they require to build resilience to extreme weather and climate change. In collaboration with our partners and clients, we select and tailor datasets, and apply analytical tools based on a strong understanding of the region, sector, and issue in question.

Background of the CCACoP

The CCACoP grew out of a 2008 summit on climate change adaptation that was attended by provincial, territorial and federal government representatives, as well as members of the Canadian scientific, academic, and engineering communities. The summit recommended the creation of a community of practice where researchers and practitioners could generate ideas and share knowledge on climate change adaptation. The Ontario Centre for Climate Impacts and Adaptation Resources (OCCIAR) at MIRARCO Mining Innovation/Laurentian University was chosen to develop and oversee the CCACoP and entered into a two year contract with the Council of the Federation who provided the initial seed and operational funding for the CCACoP from 2010 to 2012. OCCIAR continued to maintain and facilitate the CCACoP until the summer of 2019 when the organization transitioned to the Climate Risk Institute (CRI), who now runs the community.